The Nexa brand was established in 2006 in Australia and brings to market a wide range of POS and Data Capture products suitable for a businesses in varying markets from retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, transport and logistics and more. We are constantly striving to bring new products to market that will continue to redefine value and ease of use in these markets.

We pride ourselves on providing features that our competitors simply don't have, like:
- Our LS-6320E Laser scanner can read barcodes from LCD screens, enabling smartphone based loyalty and coupons.

- Ethernet as standard on our PX-700, PX-700II and PX-900 printers, giving you peace of mind that if you need it in future, it's already included, (Ethernet connection is commonly used with iPad based POS).

- The simplest and easiest to install range of cordess barcode scanners available. Plug in and you're ready to go. No power supplies, no assembly, no hassles!

- On site warranty is included at no extra charge on our Touchscreen POS PCs. This is included with some much higher priced brands, or is an optional extra on similarly priced products.

From humble beginnings of just a single entry level barcode scanner, Nexa has grown and continues to grow strongly. Tens of thousands of Nexa products are now installed across Australia, and are currently in use by many well known, leading companies. With better products, better warranties and all round better value, it shouldn't be a surprise.




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