• LS-6150

    The Nexa LS-6150 is the best value Laser Scanner on the market. It includes features such as auto sense, long range Laser scan engine, included hands free stand, stylish looks and more. Ideal for most low to medium value retail, hospitality and document tracking applications. Available in Black USB.

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  • NC-1200

    The Nexa NC-1200 is a distance CCD scanner ideal for most retail and some warehouse applications. It has a 32bit CPU which allows it to scan very quickly and it can scan down to a 3 mil barcode. It also includes a metal hands free stand at no charge. Available with USB, Serial or KBW interface.

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  • IG-610

    The Nexa IG-610 is a great value handheld 2D Scanner. With a stylish modern design and powerful Motorola scan engine it s at home in any retail and light warehousing environment.

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