• NC-1250

    The NC-1250 is the ultimate in hassle free cordless barcode scanning. 

    Featuring an incredible battery life of up to 50 000 scans per charge the NC-1250 can go for days weeks or even months on a single charge. Then even if it does run out of charge the charging cable can be attached and the operator can keep using the scanner while it's charging. It's also designed to handle multiple 1.5m drops and has 100m wireless range. 

    Couple the battery life and robustness with its long list of other benefits like fast scan speed easy plug and play setup (just plug in the USB dongle and it is ready to scan) and you get a hassle free and effective product that will get the job done. 

    USB charging cable and receiver included.

    3 Year Warranty Download Brochure
  • NL-1950

    Building on the success of our ultra simple, low cost cordless scanner, the NL-1800, the NL-1950 adds in a range of features that increase it's versatility and usability in a variety of scenarios.


    Built for demanding applications of all shapes and sizes, the NL-1950 is both powerful and flexible, and has the features you need to get the job done quickly and easily.


    Key features include:
    - Compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and Mac OS X
    - Charging cradle also allows hands free scanning
    - 100m Bluetooth range allows uninterrupted scanning
    - On board memory allows batch mode and collection of barcodes when out of wireless range
    - Scans from LCDs screens

    3 Year Warranty Download Brochure
  • NL-1800

    Cordless scanners used to be expensive and often difficult to use, but that has all changed with the new NL-1800 Cordless Laser Scanner. With it's simple installation and affordable pricing the NL-1800 is ideal for any low to medium volume retail applications, as well as light warehousing, asset tracking and more. It also features up to 100m range and 60,000 scans per charge as well as the ability to scan while charging using a standard USB cable.

    3 Year Warranty Download Brochure
  • CM-520

    The CM-520 Memory Scanner is designed for use where you need to store a number of barcodes in memory and then send them to a PC in a batch. Available with either a Laser or CCD scan engine, the CM-500 is compact and robust. It can also install without drivers and is able to be used as a standard barcode scanner when the cable is attached. It is ideal for use in enivronments such as Libraries.

    1 Year Warranty Download Brochure
  • CM-520W

    The Nexa CM-520W is ideal as a compact companion for mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and Android phones and tablets. Compact and stylish it can easily be used as a scanning solution for hospitality and retail environments. 

    1 Year Warranty Download Brochure


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