CM520 Compact Cordless Scanner

CM520 Compact Cordless Scanner



The CM-520 is designed with mobility in mind. A perfect companion to a tablet, smartphone, or for collecting barcodes to later send back to a standard PC, the CM520 is the compact and convenient barcode scanner for applications where the operator is often on the move.

It is available in two variations. One includes Bluetooth, (CM520W), and works well with iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and smartphones and other Bluetooth devices. It connects to the devices via Bluetooth and works like a Bluetooth keyboard, allowing near universal compatibility, (as long as you can type using the onscreen keyboard, the scanner can type into the same place). It also allows you to toggle the on screen keyboard on iPads/iPhones/iPod Touch.

The second version, (CM520M), is a memory Scanner and is designed for use where you need to store a number of barcodes in memory and then send them to a PC in a batch. It can also install without drivers and is able to be used as a standard barcode scanner when the cable is attached. It is ideal for use in environments such as Libraries.

Download CM520W Brochure