For all drivers, manuals, utilities and other downloads, please follow the links below.

Cabled Barcode Scanners

SD-500:  Manual   QuickPOS Setup Sheet

NC-1200:  Manual   QuickPOS Setup Sheet   Setup F7 Suffix

LS-6320E:  Manual   QuickPOS Setup Sheet

LS-6150:  Manual   QuickPOS Setup Sheet

IG-610:  Manual

ZED-1600: Quick Start Guide User Manual

ZED-2600: Quick Start Guide User Manual

Cordless Barcode Scanners

NC-1250:  Driver Installer Program   Driver User Manual   Quick Start Guide

NL-1800:  Manual   Quick Start Guide

CM500M / W:  CM500W Bluetooth Setup   Manual

CM-520M /W:  iOS / Android Setup Guide (W version only)   Quick Start Manual   User Manual   VCOM Driver

NL-1950:  Batch mode guide   Connect to Phone/Tablet guide   Manual

ZED-2650: Quick Start Guide User Manual

ZED-2951: User Manual Autosense Setting VCOM Driver

Desktop Barcode Scanners

BL-8040:Manual  QuickPOS Setup Sheet
BL-8050:Manual  VCOM Driver

BL-8060:Manual   VCOM Driver

Receipt Printers

PX-610:  Nexa Printer Installer  Alternate Windows Driver   Code Page Utility   Diver Installation Guide   Emulation Setup   Ethernet Setup   LOGO_UtilityV2   Set Language   Set QRCODE   User Manual

PX-700 / 700II / PX-900 / S-65:  Nexa Printer Installer   Alternate Windows Driver   Code Page Utility   Emulation Setup   Ethernet Setup   LOGO_UtilityV2   OPOS Drivers   PX700IIS User Manual   PX700P User Manual   PX900 User Manual   QRCode Setup   Set Language   USB Mode Utility

PX-700III:  Driver Installer   Printer Tool(NEW)  Printer Tool Manual  Driver Setup Manual  PX-700III Manual  PX-700III VCOM Driver & Instructions

PX-700IV:  Windows Driver    Printer Utility(Change Serial, Net, Logo etc)   Network Utility   VCOM USB Utility   VCOM Net Utility   VLPT USB Utility   MAC Driver   Web Driver   OPOS Driver   JPOS Driver   Linux_Driver   Linux SDK   Android Utility   Android SDK   iOS SDK    Windows POS SDK
Note: Instructions included in each file.

PX-900II:  Driver Installer  Driver Setup Manual  PX-900II Manual

Touch Screen LCDs

M437RB: Driver Mac   Driver Vista-XP-2k 32bit   Driver Vista-XP-2k 64bit   Driver Win7   Driver WinCEManual

OT17: Driver Mac   Driver Vista-XP-2k 32bit   Driver Vista-XP-2k 64bit   Driver Win7   Driver WinCE

PPD-1500 / 3000 / 1700: Driver DOS RS232   Driver Linux   Driver Mac   Driver Win 98   Driver Win7   Driver WinCE   Driver XP   Manual

Touch Screen PCs

DesirePOS – D525 CPU:  Chipset Drivers   D525 Motherboard Manual   Desire Drawer   LAN Drivers   MSR Drivers   MSR Manual   SATA Drivers   Touch Application Notes   Touch Drivers   Touch Software Guide   USB Monitor Drivers   VFD PL200 User Manual   Win7 Audio Drivers   Win7 Graphics Drivers   Win7x64 Graphics Drivers   WinXP Audio Drivers   WinXP Graphics Drivers

WavePOS 55 – D525 CPU:  Audio Driver   Cash Drawer Sample Code   Cash Drawer Utility   Chipset   Ethernet   Graphics Win7   Graphics Win7-64bit   Magnetic Card Reader   SATA   Touch Driver   User Manuals

Desire/WavePOSBT – J1900 CPU:  Chipset Driver   Drawer Utility   Mainboard Manual   Video Win7 32bit   Video Win7 64bit   Video Win8 64bit Touch Driver

DesirePOS – B960/i3/i5 CPU: Chipset Driver   Mainboard Manual   Audio Driver   LAN Win7 64bit   LAN Win10 64bit   RAM Upgrade Instructions   Reduce Fan Noise Instructions
Note: Any drivers not listed are the same as the Desire POS

NPT-1551:  Chipset Driver – Win7   Chipset Driver – WinXP   Touch Driver   User Manual   Video Driver – Win7   Video Driver – WinXP

NP-1060/1160/J150: User Manual Disassembly Instructions  Chipset  Video Driver Win7-32bit   Video Driver Win7-64bit  Video Driver Win8/10-32bit  Video Driver Win8/10-64bit   Customer Display Drivers  Dot Net Framework  TXE Driver  Cash Drawer Utility  Cash Drawer OPOS Driver  USB 3.0 Driver  LAN Driver MSR Utility  Touch Driver

NP-J150(only): User Manual Touch Driver(BEEP)

NP-1651 D2550 CPU: Bios Tool   Cashdrawer Driver   Chipset Driver   Intel AHCI Driver   LAN Driver   MSR Utility   Touch Driver   User Manual   Video Driver

NP-1651 J1900 CPU:  Audio_Driver   Drawer Utility   LAN Driver   Manual   OPOS Driver   Touch Driver   USB_Monitor   Video_Driver_WIN7_32   Video_Driver_WIN7_64

NP-1652 J1900 CPU:  User Manual  Chipset Driver   Video Driver 32bit Video Driver 64bit MBI Driver TXE Driver USB 3 Win7  LAN Win 7     LAN Win 8     LAN Win 10     MSR Utility     MSR OPOS Driver  VFD OPOS Driver        Drawer OPOS Driver Touch Driver(BEEP)

NP-2160 J1900 CPU:   User Manual  Cashdraw Driver   Chipset Drivers   Display Audio Win7 32bit   Display Audio Win7&8 64 bit   Drawer_Open_Utility   LAN Win7   Touch EETI Win 7   Touch Utility

Customer Display

VFD-860 USB:  Driver Windows XP Vista 7 8 8.1

Software Setup Guides

Kounta Hardware Guides:  Kounta iPad Setup Guide   Kounta Windows Setup Guide

Drawer Kick

DT-100:  Drivers

Magnetic Card Readers

MR-800 MSR:  Programming Utility